Wool and the Gang – Lil’ Foxy Roxy Scarf

Learning a new skill is something I’ve always thought can be done at any age. After all you learn something new everyday right?

So when Wool and the Gang got in touch to ask if I’d be up for reviewing one of their new AW17 pieces I was totally up for the challenge. Not very surprisingly I went for something I thought I would actually be able to knit rather than an enormous jumper  where I’d have fallen at the first hurdle.

I chose the Lil’ foxy roxy scarf with mellow mauve crazy sexy wool. I instantly feel in love with the dusky pink colour and couldn’t wait to wrap the aforementioned scarf around my neck to keep me warm on chillier days.

When the kit arrived I must note that WATG’s attention to detail when it comes to design is spot on. The kit was packaged well and with nice design touches, a paper bag containing the kit, with needles, wool and instructions. You may associate knitting with your Nan but these guys to me are reinventing knitting in a new innovative and interesting way. I’d honestly encourage you all to have a go, I’m certainly going to be knitting some more scarves for Christmas pressies too and hopefully challenging myself to something a little harder for my next knit.

Starting off was rather daunting, like what the hell am I actually supposed to produce with this massive ball of pink wool? But the WATG YouTube channel put me totally at ease and explained the basics. Another massive help for me is that Ollie loves learning new skills and can pretty much do anything he puts his mind to (he’s a very methodical thinker). To the point where Ollie’s actually gone and knitted his own scarf, show off ;).

Once I got started after casting on and starting with the garter stitch transferring the wool from one needle to the other I got in a flow and was knitting away in front of the tv and getting into a rhythm. I found it very calming and it was awesome to see the scarf slowly take shape before my eyes. Casting off was a little confusing but once I’d done the first few stitches it was easy enough and I was left with my scarf. Just needed to thread in the ends, which WATG supply a small needle to help with and I can honestly say I have never had a cosier scarf. What’s even nicer is the fact I actually made it and there’s always a certain charm to anything handmade and created.

So why shouldn’t you and I be able to knit our own scarves/hat and jumpers? I love that WATG are updating the knitting realm to a newer and younger audience, I for one am proud to say I can knit, even if its just a straight stitch and line! Definitely still a beginner and I think knitting a jumpers a little way off yet, but I’m not saying I wouldn’t give it go. Have you ever tried knitting and would you now be willing to give it a go having read this? From one beginner to another, you’ve got this!

Wool and the Gang kindly sent me the Lil’ Foxy Roxy Scarf kit to review, but all opinions mentioned in this post are my honest view of the brand and their products.


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