Isabella – Ed’s Diner

Nostalgic locations really do sum up a feeling of yesteryear for me. As you may have seen I shot the lovely Amy outside Ed’s diner during LFW. I really wanted to come and shoot here again and grab food too, you can’t beat an American style diner unless its the real thing of course, get me on a plane to NYC or LA now and I’d happily run to the airport! Diners remind me of family holidays to Florida and going to a Denny’s for breakfast, where nothing was ever too much trouble for the staff.

Whilst Isabella was visiting London last month we managed to squeeze in a shoot and lunch at Ed’s diner just off from Seven dials and Covent Garden. I love that the diner has mini jukeboxes across the diner so you can play classic tunes whilst enjoying your meal. We shared a hot dog, fries, onion rings and a delicious strawberry milkshake!

If you read Isabella’s blog you’ll know that she’ll be hopefully moving back to London in the new year, which I am super excited about. I love that we’ll be able to shoot on a more regular basis together as well as coffee and brunch dates. Fingers crossed we’ll also be able to travel again together next year, we had such an amazing time last year visiting Santorini and Lisbon. I feel so lucky to have found a friend like Isabella through work and that we not only work so well together but I can call her a true friend too.

Do you have any nostalgic locations you love to visit, would love to hear about the stories behind them.


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