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Today is #ShopIndependentDay – Created by Holly Tucker founder of Not on the high street and Holly & Co. To encourage us to all show love and shop small. It makes such a difference to small businesses if we actively support them. Being a small one woman led business myself this is of course something I’m truly passionate about. Lots of the brands, creators that I work with are small businesses and I truly believe that there is such power in shopping and supporting independents. 

It’s no secret that I love storytelling and hearing individuals stories about why they do what they love or how their business came about, it can feel a little bit like magic sometimes. The last couple of years have been tough on everybody and small businesses have been suffering. We must continue to support independents so that they can grow and thrive and not disappear. 

Quoted from website about Shop Independent Day:

“We believe small businesses are for life, not just for Christmas. With the cost of living crisis in full effect, it’s heartbreaking to think that one in six founders don’t believe their businesses will survive the year. That’s why we’ve chosen a very special date — exactly six months from Christmas Day — to encourage everyone to vote with their money for the kind of world we want to live in; to keep our high streets creative and filled with humans not algorithms. So let’s show that small changes every day make a big difference when it comes to supporting the backbone of this country.
We’re encouraging founders across the UK to share all the ways that customers can support them on the 25th June — from leaving a review, to telling friends about them — as we know so many people want to help but aren’t sure how. Plus, we’re going out to our communities to ask people to…
Swap your usual shop and make at least one purchase from a small business on Shop Independent Day”

On Thursday morning I drove down to Margate to join Holly Tucker and the Holly & Co team meet up to promote and celebrate Campaign Shop Independent. The sun was shining and colour was in abundance the atmosphere of over 100 people from small businesses turned up to celebrate what we have collectively achieved and will continue to achieve by acting together and supporting one another. Everyone each doing their own bit to support small businesses as well as the ones we own and run. It felt so joyous to of been there myself and speak to so many incredible women and men about their businesses and what they love to do. I left feeling incredibly inspired and took the opportunity to visit some of the independent stores in Margate. Scroll on down to the photos from the day below, but would love you to read on first.

So with all of that I’d encourage you to show some love and shop small today and continue to shop small forever more. I’m beyond grateful each and every day that I get to do something I love as my career and being able to support others and see how happy it makes them will always make me strive to continue to do what I do and tell stories of others. 

I have so many wonderful small businesses I want to shout out and mention for you to support. I will link to their sites/instagrams below. 

Small Businesses I met in Margate:

Holly & Co, Moo Like A Monkey, Native Three, Rebecca Strickson, Green & Gold Ceramics, Francesca Kemp, Rickus RA, Little Bit Margate, Beatrice Larkin, Lois Gunn, Enamel Factory, Katy Chambers, Appreciation Project, Kellie Hogben, Vantage Living, Artisans & Adventures, Jessie and Nugget, I am Kate Harrison, Richmond Bakes, Milk & Cookie, Ramsay and Williams, Maddy Vian Illustration, This Story Jewellery, Margoinmargate, The Sundeck, The Bus Cafe, Margate Bookshop

A collection of the other small businesses I love (by no means all of them):

Mimi Odette, Inside Ours, Flora Fricker, Betty Woodhouse Design, By Edlyl, Mutha Hood, Joyful Living, Ancheva Designs, Art Disco, Seasons Boutique, Banner Department, Emmy Lupin Studio, Real Hackney Dave, Ore mi Studios, Marby & Elm, Paper & Wood, Martha Brook London, Hollie Graphik, Grape & Fig, Bitesize Bakehouse, MNCHED, Copperlight Studios, Mamamade, Conquer Trading Post, Analogue Wonderland, Take It Easy Lab, Hot Numbers Coffee, Hart Books, Darwin & Gray, & Chai, The Enthusiast, Musebox LondonWylde Sky Brewing

This years campaign artwork was created by Rebecca Strickson & I absolutely LOVE it!! Other graphics featured above were created by Holly & Co and JJ Illustrates.


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