5 ways to simplify planning your branding photoshoot

Your brand photoshoot shouldn’t be stressful, you should feel excited and inspired! 

Here are 5 ways to simplify planning your branding photoshoot for a stress-free experience and photos you can’t wait to share with your community. 

  1. Work with a photographer that you actually connect with. – That way you’ll be able to fully relax with your photographer when shooting together and be over the moon with the results too. It also means you will have fun and really enjoy your time on the shoot. It also means you can work together again in future too, which means you’ll feel even more at ease for any shoots together.
  2. Create a pinterest board collaboratively with your photographer / team for the shoot – This will allow you all to be creatively on the same page and know what the creative aim is for the shoot. 
  3. Choose your colour palette – You can add this to your pinterest / mood board which will also help you to decide what to wear and pick out the locations you’d like to shoot in.
  4. Pick your outfits ahead of time – You want to feel like you, as well as representing the best version of you, your brand and feeling comfortable, the fun part is trying all the outfits on ahead of the shoot and feeling damn good plus making you excited for the shoot itself. Your outfit colour choices could either compliment or contrast with your brand colour palette.  
  5. Location, location, location – You should be able to work with your photographer on this to find the right location for you and your brand. Google maps street view is a fantastic place to start to scope out exterior locations if your looking to shoot outside. You can always ask your photographers advice too; you’ll be on the same page creatively so they may have a location in mind for your shoot together. But always plan ahead and don’t expect the perfect pink door or car to appear when your shooting out and about, do your research and it will pay off for the final photos. If you’re looking to shoot inside, do your research and share your findings with your photographer to check if the location is suitable. 

I hope these tips will allow you to organise your branding photoshoot with confidence and ease. If you’d like to enquire about any of my packages, then please do fill out the contact form from any of my services and I look forward to helping your photoshoot. 

These photos were shot on location with Sophie Trotman Nutrition who invested in my starter pack. You can see more photos from our shoot together over on Sophie’s website. https://sophietrotmannutrition.com/

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