Living with intention

Living with intention is a phrase that’s been on my mind a lot recently. Looking ahead to the new year which feels absolutely crazy to say! I have been thinking about living with more intention, doing things with more thought, care and attention.

Remembering to take time out for yourself and loved ones and also remembering to have days where you switch off. Taking one day within a week to switch off from social media and screens and enjoy conversation, food and company.

A few weekends back I did exactly this Ollie and his family as we spent Sunday morning at Alexandra Palace Park Farmers Market which takes place every Sunday. We’ll be sure to visit again as we had a successful trip buying cheese and sweet treats. We also were looking after Beau for my parents that weekend so we took her along too and she loved meeting all of the dogs that came along to the market. Especially the adorable little British Bulldog puppy pictured below.

After heading back from Alexandra Palace we took Beau for a walk around Clissold Park with Saphia and Mike. A very wonderful Sunday spent in wonderful company and enjoying being in the moment. Taking time to do things with more intention really does make you appreciate being in the moment so much more.


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