It’s time to use your voice. Black Lives Matter

I didn’t want to post here again without addressing an issue that has been brought to the world’s attention by the Black Lives Matter movement. I am by no means someone to look to for guidance on this subjectbut I want to be the best anti-racist ally I can be. I wanted to share to provide resources I have read and found to be helpful, educating with others. So that you too can educate yourselves. I will continue to share any resources that have resonated with me via my instagram, and I will of course be speaking to people I know and love about the movement. Uncomfortable conversations have already happened, and they will continue to happen and that is ok this isn’t meant to be easy. Change is hard, and I will continue to strive for a change for better.

In this post I have included some resources that I have been reading and digesting these past few weeks. I will link back to all original sources wherever possible. But it’s up to you and you alone to do the work yourself. Listen, educate, learn, donate, sign petitions and don’t give up. This isn’t a check box exercise, you will need to commit yourself to doing the work indefinitely. I implore you to do your own research too in order to educate yourself. I have created a saved folder on instagram for all the information I’m reading, and I have also created a folder of resources on my google drive so I can digest all of this information properly. Together we will make a difference by raising the voices of others who need to be heard.

Resources (by no means an extensive list but I encourage you to continue to do your own research.)

Black Lives Matter

Black Minds Matter UK

The Black Curriculum

#DoTheWork a 30 day course from the incredible Rachel E. Cargle

Rachel has also created The Great Unlearn which I’d recommend you read and support also.

Elizabeth’s Bookshop & Writing Centre

Nova Reid’s Anti-racism guide

The Black-Authored Books Everyone Should Buy To Support #BlackPublishingPower from Refinery 29

10 Books About Race Non-Black People Should Be Reading Right Now from Refinery 29

Black-owned bookshops to support now and always from Soho House team – An ongoing list of physical and online stores based in the US and the UK.

100 Ways White People Can Make Life Less Frustrating for People of Colour

Sophie Williams has created an instagram page called Millennial Black @officialmillenialblack as a manifesto and toolkit for black working womxn ahead of her book launch which is now available to preorder and will be released in April 2021. In the meantime she’s launched an online store where you can purchase prints, totes and stickers with her creations; which I love. 100% of all profits are being donated transparently to anti-racism charities. 

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Removing the barriers created by performative allyship clears the path to truly productive activism. 💛 ⠀⠀ To me, what makes an action performative is not the action itself, but the intent behind it. As an active ally, if your actions aren’t fueled by a genuine desire to seek change, you risk doing things that aren’t helpful – and sometimes even harmful – to the community you’re trying to stand with. In this caption, I’m identifying common roadblocks for white people in the work of anti-racism, but this could apply to other causes as well! ⠀⠀ 🚧 Choosing to opt-out completely when it gets difficult– Take care of yourself, but don’t quit! Prep yourself for a lifetime of learning and growth. ⠀⠀ 🚧 Not addressing harm caused – if you’ve been outspoken about racism and injustice publicly but haven’t acknowledged it in your own life or reconciled privately… that’s something to consider. ⠀⠀ 🛑 Not developing an action plan – Choosing to not plan out tangible steps is asking for overwhelm and burnout!! Analyze your role in your sphere of influence, decide where your actions will be most effective, & make a plan. ⠀⠀ 🛑 Not being willing to invest – Only you know your capacity. True change is going to take time, money, and resources, & this is a big way to move into productive action. How can you contribute? ⠀⠀ ⚠️ Centering yourself – Prioritizing the way this work makes you feel over the urgent needs of the marginalized groups you’re called to serve is harmful. In the fight for the lives of BIPOC, you’ll often find yourself fighting for change at the expense of your own comfort. ⠀⠀ ⚠️ Only posting for self-gratification or to follow trends – Posting on social media is great, but it’s only the beginning! ⠀⠀ No detours, no shortcuts, and no way around it – the roadblocks of perfomative allyship must be pushed aside to pave the way for real, impactful, life-changing work. Hope this helps your journey. 💛

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I’ve received a lot of questions regarding what long term, non-performative allyship looks like. On Day 19 of nationwide uprisings, here’s a great thread, via @lily.someson. SAY NO TO PERFORMATIVE ACTIVISM 🚫 A GUIDE TO MEANINGFUL ALLYSHIP: :: 🔺 PERFORMATIVE ACTIVISM is activism done to increase one’s social capital rather than because of a true connection and devotion to the Cause. It’s is often referred to as surface-level activism, or slacktivism, or Performative Wokism. While this term predates the current movement for social change and racial equality, I’ve seen a lot of “activism” done in poor taste. We are fighting for a better future because we are (and have been for generations) affected by the current systems of oppression in place. BEYOND HASHTAGS The average lifespan of a trending hashtag is 45 minutes; at best, 2 days. Technology is here for us, let’s use it wisely! What can you do offline? Before posting, ask yourself: 🔹 Is my goal to educate my family and friends, or to look good optically to my community? 🔹 Whose voice is at the center of my post? 🔹 Is my post amplifying and uplifting Black and Brown voices? 🔹 Am I posting this out of genuine care and compassion, or is my posting fueled by white guilt and an internalized white savior complex? 🔹 Am I calling for people to do something I haven’t even done? 🔹 What can I do and say offline? Activism doesn’t end. It’s neither a trend nor a moment: this is a movement. Systemic change is only possible with authentic advocacy and a continued drive. While we are all walking in the same direction toward a better tomorrow, non-BIPOC folks: remember there are many lanes on the same road. #blacklivesmatter #georgefloyd #ahmaudarbery

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