A letter to my younger self

Throughout lockdown my friend Emily and I have been obviously been isolation dreaming and talking about how we’d love nothing more than to be back on our 2014 holiday to Greece, one of our favourite holidays EVER! It got me thinking what would I like to tell myself back then knowing what I know now, so here it goes.

Dear Amber-Rose,

It’s me yes I mean you, but its me from the future, a little weird I know. Now listen up I want share a few things I’ve learnt in the last 6 years. First of all, don’t ever forget that you are bloody brilliant. Truly! Don’t ever stop being yourself.

Things are going to be extremely hard at times and that’s the way life tends to go or we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the happier times. In tough times I promise it will get better again, ride that wave and things will turn out exactly as they should.

On a less heavy note, I want you to read this carefully – remember to enjoy yourself! Stop worrying and appreciate the little moments! Whether it’s grabbing that ice latte from your favourtie coffee shop or reading a book in the sunshine. That feeling of excitement when you and Em are getting ready to go out-out, ENJOY IT! Those are the memories that matter and you will remember them and be thankful for them. You are at your best when you are exploring, being creative, socialising, so make time for exactly that.

Now you’re probably wondering what the future holds but I can’t tell you that, what I can tell you is things won’t always turn out how you’d like or would’ve planned but you’ll become stronger than you ever thought possible, you’re going to learn so much. Just remember to keep the people in your life that make you feel like sunshine. Your family and friends will always be your support network and rock when you need it and you will for them also. Hold on to them tight and make sure you tell them all how much you appreciate them.

Now go! Be brave, jump off the rocks and into the sea a few more times to feel that tummy flip and then let yourself float weightlessly in that blissful blue sea. Oh and one more thing; buy an extra sun cream and another big bag of crisps from that little shop in town, yes the walk might sound like too much effort but by the end of this holiday you’re going to thank me for it…Trust me!

I love you, take care and believe in yourself always,

Amber-Rose xx

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