Castle Ashby Gardens

On arrival to Castle Ashby you’ll be greeted by a tree lined driveway and lots of sheep. Which made me smile instantly to hear them baahing and seeing lambs scurrying after their Mums. Castle Ashby House itself looks very grand, but isn’t open to the public, however we didn’t visit for a look around the house oh no no, we came to see their incredible gardens.

You may have even spotted their infamous orangery on Pinterest or instagram, and it is every bit as picturesque in the flesh as it is in photos. A further greenhouse was home to a variety of potted chillis. The gardens are immaculately presented we were quite blown away by their beauty, especially to see it in peak summer season. The staff and organisers had put new measures into place so we were able to adhere to social distancing measures, there wasn’t a point throughout our visit where it felt too busy or that we weren’t able to keep our distance from others. I’m already planning a trip back there to have a big picnic on the lawns!

Have you visited anywhere new since the lockdown measures have eased in the UK? I have created a Pinterest board with the places I’ve found in the UK I’d like to visit that I’m updating regularly and adding my own visits to the board too. During lockdown I began creating lists of places I’d love to visit that are on our very doorstep instead of looking to travel abroad at the minute, but my oh my it will be a glorious day when I get to jump on a plane again. From the list of places I started creating Pinterest boards a to stimulate my creativity for wanting to visit and discover somewhere new. For me you can’t beat the feeling of seeing somewhere in a photo, then visiting yourself and capturing your own photos and memories there. Where would you like to see me visit next?


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