2021 | Seeking joyful moments…

Let’s start off by saying this definitely isn’t the way we intended to start a new year. But let’s be honest, it wasn’t also going to be as if we got to 2021 and the global pandemic was just going to disappear! It’s easy to focus on the negatives, but instead I’m choosing to look back and reflect on 2020 with positivity. It certainly wasn’t an easy year for anybody, but choosing and controlling your mindset is up to you. A lot changed for me last year both personally and in my business and I went through a period of growth and mindset switch which has allowed me to get where I am now. 

For 2021 I have chosen ‘joyful’ to be my word of the year. In 2020 it was ‘grow’ and there certainly wasn’t a shortage of that! I found it a useful and reliable tool to come back to that word in times of reflection in order to help me move forward. With all of the events that took place it has definitely taught me what not to take for granted and given me a fresh perspective on many things. Joyful seems the perfect and fitting word in order to move forward positively and with focus. So I have started a joyful moments list, which will be a wonderful reminder to look back at throughout the year and see what put a smile on my face on a day where it felt like everything else was grey. It’s so lovely to feel joyful and soak up that feeling as it’s happening and to treasure it, however small it might be.  

Whilst 2021 may not have kicked off how we would have liked (what with the news making it feel like groundhog day) that hasn’t stopped me from planning and setting goals for the year that lies ahead. A constant for me since 2011 has always been this little space of the internet I can call my own, but I have always struggled with sticking to a routine when it comes to posting here, something I have discussed previously. However I finally think I have found my rhythm. I’ll be posting once a month. Perhaps it will be more if I’m able to, but with a focus and goal of one post a month I can make sure I’m putting my effort and skills in where it matters and can hopefully create some inspiring and interesting content for you to you to read and browse too. I’d love for this space to build more of a community of likeminded creatives, we have shared interests and are able to tell stories together. 

I’m currently in the process of rebranding and updating my website, it should be remaining live whilst the work is being carried out but I’ll update you via Instagram if that ends up no longer being the case. During the summer and autumn of last year I knew I wanted to shift my business with a focus towards branding photography and personal branding. One of the things I love most about being a photographer and content creator is that I’m able to tell others stories through the medium of my photographs and creations. By making this decision to pivot and realign my business I have certainly felt like my creative spark has been reignited. Whilst lots of ideas I’d love to bring to life are currently on hold due to the global pandemic I truly cannot wait to book new shoots in and be able to tell your story, help elevate your business and bring it to your ideal client’s attention! 

Do you want to be heard? Well, I want to help you be heard and seen! I have always been fascinated with entrepreneurs’ stories of how they started their business and where they find inspiration. I cannot wait to capture that independent business on the cusp of something great and help to propel them forward into their creative journey! This is something I’ll be discussing more over on my instagram as well as streamlining my other social media accounts (Pinterest I’m looking at you). I hope you’ll enjoy following along on  this years adventures, and of course I must say a massive thank you to you for reading this post and supporting my small business. It really does mean the world, so a huge thank you and sending big virtual hugs your way. 

Portraits of me shot by Adam in Thetford Forest. 

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