7 Little Sparks of Joy

There seems to be so much focus on bad parts of your day or when things go wrong! The news is all too often filled with sad and upsetting stories, but we hardly ever focus on the good things that are going on. I recently mentioned Emily Coxhead in one of my newsletters (you can sign up to my newsletter here, the next instalment will be in your inboxes on Sunday). She is the amazing lady behind ‘The Happy Newspaper’ which you should definitely check out if you’re not familiar with it. It celebrates good news from across the world and is a platform for positive news and wonderful people. I have personally found that by acknowledging that one small positive thought in the morning it can change your entire day. So I have started to focus on championing the little things that bring me joy in life and in today’s post I’m sharing some of my top joyful thoughts or recent moments that have brought me pure happiness.

  • The song ‘Africa’ by Toto – I’m borderline obsessed with this song and the internet’s love for it makes me chuckle
  • Making people laugh – revel in the moment of pure joy! Especially when it’s my nephews giggling so hard it makes my stomach and cheeks hurt.
  • Having Doritos and diet coke in the house when you’re hungover –  Ok this may not be some peoples’ cup of tea but this is something I seriously always thank my previous self for, these two items are my ultimate hangover saviours!
  • Friends bringing over flowers – We had friends over for dinner last week and they brought along flowers with them which have been sat on our dining room ever since and when I see/smell them it reminds me of what a lovely night we had and how lucky we are to have friends like that.
  • The elation when I spot a dog when I’m out -My friends can vouch for me when I say I pretty much squeal or alert whoever I’m with if I spot a cute dog! More often than not I’ll go and say hello, crazy dog lady over here, but I know the internet’s with me on this one, am I right?
  • Singing along to Queen at the top of lungs in the car – After seeing the new Bohemian Rhapsody film earlier this month, we’ve been playing their music a LOT, especially when we’ve been driving in the car and ended up in hysterics and losing my voice. The film is incredible and reminded me how much I love Queen’s music.
  • Making spaghetti from scratch with Ollie and my nephew James – James (4 years old) was absolutely in his element, he LOVES pasta! So when Ollie suggested we make some for him when he came over for a sleepover, I knew we had to do it. The sheer happiness on his face when he realised he’d turned out spaghetti strands from the machine was just priceless, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.

I really hope some of these moments have made you smile or laugh and brought you a tiny bit of joy. I’d really encourage you to  focus on the little and good moments during your day to day life and hope that they can make you smile. Have a fantastic weekend, I’m off to spend it with Ollie as he’s off to Aberdeen on Monday for six weeks to be part of a pantomime, so excited to go and visit him in December and see the show for myself.


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  1. Margaret Brown
    November 23, 2018 / 5:13 pm

    You look so happy

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