35mm Diaries #10

This 35mm diaries post is throwing it all the way back to August through to September! There’s not as many shots as usual in this post as the rest of the roll was shot in Paris where I started a new roll of film; my first of Portra. So I thought I’d save all the Paris 35mm photos for their own post.

These photos were taken in London across the summer. There’s a few shots from when I shot behind the scenes at the Girl vs Cancer campaign shoot in August. Shots from walking around our new(ish) neighbourhood Walthamstow, we are loving living in E17, there is still so much for us to see and looking forward to discovering new places over the autumn and winter seasons. Meeting with my Mum and Sarra for coffee at Perky Blenders at their Magistrates location with my two adorable little nephews enjoying baby cino’s and sweet chocolate treats.

During September I visited Bristol with Ollie and one the bands he is in Elephant Talk, before the gig we went to Small Bar a local brewery’s bar and enjoyed some of the many many beers before a really fun gig and evening. When we were looking after Beau before going to Paris we took her on a walk in Epping Forest where we spotted the amazing cow photographed below. I just love the colours of that shot, a sign that autumn was on the way. And finally the day before Paris I met a friend for lunch at Palm Vaults with Beau and she made herself right at home. I really enjoy putting these posts together and reflecting over the time that’s passed since they were taken, I would love to know if you like seeing them too and if there are any other film themed posts you would like to see from me in the coming months.


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