24 Today!

Another year been and gone and as the last chapter closes on 23 and the first page of 24 is being written I decided to put together this post about 24 things that I’ve learnt this past year. I did this last year and it only seemed fitting to do another for this year as I felt like so much has changed and I have a lot!

1. Live in the NOW!

2. Trust your gut instinct – your first reaction or thought is usually the right one

3. Look out for No.1 – yourself, I remember being told year ago your 20’s are your years to be selfish so I’m revelling in that a little but you have got to keep yourself in check. No one knows you better than you.

4. Simple date nights are awesome.

5. Travel really ignites my creativity and instincts. I want to explore as many new places as possible during my 24th year.

6. I have an undying love for 80’s music. Pretty much every playlist I have made this year includes tracks from the 80’s. I just love it!!

7. Hangovers are my dear friend – I mentioned this in my post for my birthday last year. Hangovers and I were rather acquainted again this year, maybe a few too many and yeah I did have a bloody good time too. Roll on cocktails with my besties this Friday!

8. I make a mean espresso martini – whenever I make them people say they love them, so that’s something I could add to my CV right?

9. I would like to pick up a new skill before I’m 25. Perhaps something I’ve not really tried before, perhaps a barista course.

10. Family are the most important thing of all. Being an auntie is one of the best things I’ve ever been able to do.

11. Everything changes in time – I am slowly but surely learning to appreciate and respect that. Sometimes you want things to last forever but the quicker you accept it, you can then adapt to the change and maybe even benefit from it.

12. Put my phone down more. It really has its benefits, not just being able to pay attention for longer and being present but also does a lot for my mental wellbeing.

13. True friends are like shooting stars if you find one you hold them close and never let them go.

14. You can always learn something new. You’ll never be too old to learn something and I like to embrace that.

15. Taking time off from work to have some proper down time is really important. I managed to do it a couple of times this year. Very much looking forward to planning some trips/weekends away in the new year.

16. One of my favourite quotes from this year just really resonated with me. It is: ‘You will never be criticised by someone who is doing more than you. You will only be criticised by someone doing less’.

17. Don’t forget to enjoy the little moments that would sometimes pass you by.

18. The amount of memes I have screen shotted on my phone I could set up a dedicated Instagram account.

19. Believe in yourself – you are far more able/worthy than you give yourself credit for.

20. Be more open and honest about money! Getting an accountant a year ago was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

21. Enjoy trying new things.

22. You can’t please everyone – you just can’t.

23. Will I ever stop squealing or going high pitch when I spot a cute dog! The answer’s no, it makes me smile and makes me happy.

24. Never underestimate a first impression!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this list of some of the things I’ve learnt from this year. I would love to know if there’s anything you’ve learnt this year that’s been a total brainwave or changed your life for the better, let me know in the comments below. I’m spending the day with family today and intend on enjoying every minute.


All photos of me shot by Ollie


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