Santo Wines – Santorini

Santo Wines was immediately recommended by my best friend Emily when I told her I was going to Santorini with Isabella. Once arriving at Aqua Luxury Suites, the staff there also highly recommended it. ‘Santo Wines’ is in Pirgos we took a taxi there on our second afternoon.

We stayed for the entire afternoon and also watched the sunset from our table outside, which was beyond beautiful! We had iced coffees when we arrived which came with delicious homemade cake. Then we went for their 6 wine taster menu, varying from white wine, through to rosé, red and a sweet desert wine. With sides of olives and croutons and cheese to cleanse our palates between wines. We had such an enjoyable afternoon, Isabella and I talked about our childhoods and previous holidays, and how Santorini was unlike any other place we’d both visited previously.

I couldn’t recommend a trip to Santo Wines enough, the staff were super friendly and helpful and the view is simply stunning. The location is near to the middle and at one of the highest points of the entire island. You can see from one end of the island to the other, which is quite a sight to behold in itself. Plus if you’re a fan of wine, this is definitely a destination you could come back to on a holiday for the evening or one afternoon.

Portraits of me shot by Isabella


    • March 30, 2016 / 10:51 am

      Isn't it just Claire!! 🙂 Such an incredibly beautiful island!

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