Pizza East

You lovely lot know that if I find a good restaurant it’s likely I’ll tell you about it and suggest you book a table asap. But I can’t believe I’d not yet mentioned this one, my go-to pizza fave; Pizza East. Whilst ‘Pizza East’ have a few branches across London now. I usually visit their Shoreditch branch which is the original location.

I love the rough and ready interior of the restaurant, industrial chic at its finest if you ask me. Surrounded by exposed brick work and subway tiles, the smells of the wood fire oven and freshly made pizza is just heavenly! These guys serve up a perfect pizza time after time as well as offering delicious antipasti and their specials change daily. You can also drop by to buy Italian cured meats and cheeses from the deli as well as have a coffee. I really do love the laid back and chilled out vibe of this restaurant.

These photos were taken on my last visit to Pizza East with Ollie, Pete and Meredith and I can safely say its one of Tour de Lads’ favourite restaurants. It’s pretty local to us and we pretty much always visit when Meredith’s back in London. Maybe I’ll see you on my next visit, I’ll be having the San Daniele with burrata, you seriously can’t beat it!

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