Girl vs Cancer

Once in a while you read or get a piece of news that totally shocks you and you’re actually speechless. The piece of news I’m referring to in this instance is when I found out that my friend Lauren from ‘Girl Stole London’ had been diagnosed with breast cancer, I couldn’t believe it. Thirty years young and been given this life changing news I could hardly believe it was real. 

Lauren is such a hardworking woman and absolute Girl Boss, when I first met her back at London Fashion Week a few years ago I knew she had the vision to achieve whatever she put her mind to and I was quite in awe of her go-getter attitude. Now talking about cancer openly isn’t a very done thing and talking about it can be a hard issue for many similar to the stigma attached to mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Well I honestly couldn’t be prouder of how Lauren has raised awareness and started an enormous conversation with the world about her story and breast cancer. If you don’t already know of Lauren I urge you now to go and follow her on every social platform. She’s incredible! I am also super pleased to be writing this post with good news attached. After 8 rounds of chemo Lauren got the results from her initial post-chemo biopsy which revealed there was no active cancer cells. While her cancer story is far from over, Lauren truly is giving the f- you to cancer in the best way possible. 

Now why’s this post filled with photos of me and not the amazing Lauren? The reason behind these photos is the amazing ‘boobie’ slogan limited edition t-shirts that Lauren started producing as soon as she was diagnosed. Five sassy t-shirts which sold like hot cakes I’m pleased to hear. So successful in fact that Lauren’s doing another limited run with a new added slogan. You can still get your hands on the ‘Mammeries’ tee and the rest will be restocked very soon indeed. 25% of the t-shirt goes straight to The Breast Cancer Haven who have been absolute gems to Lauren throughout her treatment. I couldn’t be prouder of how Lauren has adapted and shone through this tough time and I’m very much looking forward to a celebratory G&T with my babe Lolli very soon!

A few weeks ago I helped Lauren shoot an interiors post for her blog discussing the trials and tribulations of living in a flat share whilst going through chemo. You can read the full ‘The Home Sweet Home’ post over on Girl Stole London now. Lauren you truly are an inspiration and powerhouse of a woman, don’t ever let anyone tell you different.

Photos shot by my lovely friend Claire Menary

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