How a branding photoshoot can help tell your story

Whether your business is product or service based a branding photoshoot is essential. Your brand encapsulates your business as well as giving a tone and feel for who you are and what you do. It’s the element of your business that truly connects and builds a relationship with your community, clients and customers.

I read a quote recently that involves branding and it really resonated with me ‘Your brand is your introduction to the world and it is so important for it to feel like an extension of you.’ – The Visual Corner by Mercy Guzman a creative design studio in Barcelona. So, if branding is such an integral part of your business and you need to showcase it, how can your story be told in a beautiful and authentic way? Well, this is where I step in, I thrive on being able to tell stories, once you share your story with me; whether that’s the process of making a product or your step by step to how you work with clients, let me help bring that to life in photographs that you can then showcase to your audience and show them who you are.

Let’s take these photos from this post as an example, these were shot for Cambridgeshire Honey company Horwood Honey, it is a family run business that has been keeping bees since 1943. Barry Horwood remembers being given his own beehive to look after and tend to at the age of 7 and he’s now into his 80’s and still loves it. He may not always wear all the protective gear and has been known to interact with the hives in just shorts and a shirt with a hat and veil. Seeing Barry’s tenacity for what he’s does first hand its clear to see why grandson Adam thought of the slogan ‘Proudly stung since 1943’ to be used on their labels. When I shot these photos with Adam and Barry last summer it was so interesting to see the whole process from start to finish of them tending to the beehives, collecting the frames full of honey and extracting the pure raw honey to then be jarred and ready to be sold. Being able to capture each of these parts of their process allowed the photos to tell the story step by step for you to now soak up for yourself today. Storytelling is such a powerful tool and used in the right way can make your brand be remembered for years and years to come.

If you don’t think your brand has a stand out story I can guarantee you that there’s something of pure magic that just waiting to be unveiled. As part of my create, capture and collaborate process I am passionate about your story being heard and I will work with you directly to ensure that it is presented in a way that you feel elevates and truly represents what you do beautifully and authentically.

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