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It’s been such an incredible fortnight since I launched my latest website and showcased my rebrand. This has all been a long time coming and I’m unsure I can put into words how chuffed I am that it’s all now live and ready for you to see. During the summer of last year, I felt like I needed a shift with my business and how I wanted to move forward. 

I knew from the age of 14 that photography was my passion and nothing was going to shift me from that decision. When starting out I never looked at my career like I was creating, owning and running a business.  It was my passion for creating and storytelling that led me where I am today. But as you all well know I have been running a business for the last 5 years and this summer will mark 6 years in business for me and it was during summer last year I had a bit of a shift in perspective on how I treated it as my business and how I wanted it to work better for me. This is where the idea was sparked to update my website and the rebrand.

I have always been passionate about telling stories, whether they are my own but even more so when I’m carrying a spark for someone else’s story and help to bringing it to life. I also knew by shifting my direction in my business that rebranding my design assets would be a good place to start to help establish myself for this new and exciting chapter of business. I found the amazing Millie from MJP Multimedia through fellow photographer Mollie Manning. Millie and I worked very collaboratively on the design aspects of logos and graphics for my rebrand and Millie very much understood my vision and helped bring it to life. I am so so pleased with the results and really hope that you love them too.

I knew my website would need a refresh also and began planning the changes I needed to make. If you’ve had not had chance to take a look, let me tell you what’s new. For the first time ever, I have a services page with shoot packages lined up for independent creators, brands and visionaries. I am offering 4 different packages:

Perfect Portrait; Focusing on you, I’ll work with you to provide a choice of portraits that represent you in a beautiful and authentic way.

Starter Pack; Capturing the elements of your brand that you want to showcase to your customers and community.

Essentials Pack; The perfect package to capture all parts of your story & brand in a natural, beautiful & authentic way. 

& Ultimate Pack; Bi-annual brand portraits and lifestyle imagery to ensure you truly get the images that do your brand the justice it deserves and achieve the ambitions that you have crafted. An ongoing partnership to elevate your content creation and enable brand consistency of stunning imagery that evolves your story. 

Of course any package can be tailored to your requirements also so we can get the exact shoot and photos you desire. So, if you’re looking to book in a shoot for yourself, your brand or business you can get in touch via my services enquiry form here.

All of my packages follow my unique create, capture and collaborate process. I am always very keen to find out lots about who I am working with to create a connection and in turn capture your story beautifully and authentically. I think it’s so important to establish a collaborative connection with whoever I am working with and am so glad this is now at the forefront of my services for you to see now too. 

You may have seen on my Instagram that I am also running and hosting a new IG Live series called Behind the Brand, this was an idea that came to me upon rebranding the business and from my desire to want to find out more about peoples stories which led me to thinking that others would like an insight into what it’s like to run a brand and what goes on behind the scenes and day to day. Which has also led to me to planning to relaunch my newsletter on a bi-monthly basis. This will be called the same name ‘Behind the Brand’ and you can sign up here. It will be sent out towards the end of the month, I’ll update you more over on Instagram, so keep an eye out for more news to be released there. The newsletter will be an extension on the IG Live series and well as giving you an insight into my own business and behind the scenes. 

 I’m very excited for this new chapter in business and I hope that you’ll enjoy coming along for the ride with me.

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