8 Years of blogging

I can hardly believe that I’ve been running this blog for 8 years! I started this blog when I was 16 years old, and so much has changed since then. It was originally an outlet for my photography which at the time was in its infancy stages and keeping this blog updated on a fairly regular basis was something I was able to stick to. 8 years is longer than any job I’ve ever had and it’s seen a great many changes in my life, undoubtedly yours too along with the changes in society. It has really taken me aback that I have 8 years to look back on, on this little site of mine.

I remember the term blogger being thrown around 8 years ago, it was the great unknown. Influencers didn’t exist in the way we know them now, whereas today they are a daily feature of our lives. I had no idea I’d be freelance 8 years later, it’s what I dreamed of but had no idea what the future held for me. Since being a teenager I’ve always had my blog to return to and work on throughout all these years and use it as a platform for me, and if anyone else enjoyed reading my ramblings and my photos it was a massive bonus.

As I mentioned in my previous goals for Q1 post I’m looking to have a little change on the site and to grow and incorporate my blog/journal/site whatever you want to call it with my portfolio website and manage it all under one site and hopefully be able to provide more updates and new endeavours also. I’m excited for the next 8 years ahead. Some people may say blogs are dying out but I know I’m not alone when disagreeing with that opinion. If instagram were to disappear off the face of the planet over night (god forbid – although it may often cause more stress than joy). My website is a space on the internet that is all mine and it’s not going anywhere. No rules, no algorithms, and I can produce and publish the content I want, when I want and I do think in time it will be important for everyone to have their own sites to come back to. Some people have chosen to put their blogs on hold currently and are solely focusing on platforms like instagram instead, I have nothing against their choices but I like the freedom of having no one to answer to but me when it comes to writing and sharing endless photos and thought streams on my own site.

After all I am a photographer and commercial content creator and I am always going to want to share and showcase imagery that’s part of who I am. I just hope you guys are up for following along on the journey. I would love to know what you think about the future of blogging in this modern age and if you’ve been running a blog yourself I’d be really interested to hear how many years you’ve been doing it for? The future is waiting to be written, what will be in yours? I want to finish by saying a massive thank you to you all for reading, it really means so much to me. Whether you’ve followed along for a few years, since the beginning or even if this is the first post you’ve read, I’m over to moon to have you and always value your feedback and comments.


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