35mm Diaries #7

These photos are from the first roll that I ran through my latest film purchase, the Canon EOS 300, recommended to me by my friend and fellow photographer Kirsty. If you don’t know of her go and check out her work and follow her on instagram because she’s amazing! One of the big bonuses for me with buying this camera body was it was very affordable and all of my canon lenses fit straight onto the body.

I’m really pleased with how this first roll came out, I have since shot a few more rolls through the camera which will be uploaded in posts soon. I love the added features of flash and autofocus on this camera compared to my Olympus OM10, and it also weighs a lot less than the OM10. Shooting with the EOS 300 is quick and it’s really easy to use. The OM10 will always be a favourite of mine as I love the photo quality and the fact it was my Dad’s and the camera I learnt shooting film on. These photos were shot from April through to June, and includes walks around Shoreditch and East London, Launch parties on the roof at the Truman Brewery to a weekend on the coast in Aldeburgh and flower explosions at Kenwood House.

It is really wonderful to be able to shoot film on regular basis and then look back on all the photos, like I remember doing with family photo albums when I was little. I love that feeling of nostalgia attached to film photos, that moment is completely frozen in time. I really like seeing fellow and bloggers shooting and sharing their film photographs online, I like to see the diverse range of colours film produces and that raw element it has. If you don’t follow Lizzy and Lindsey already, then why on earth not? Both of their content is gorgeous and engaging and I love their film photos. Lizzy’s film photos are some of my faves and she shoots regularly with the super talented Dean Martindale and I love how she’s developed collaging into some of her recent posts too. I remember experimenting with collaging from looking at photographers that inspired me, perhaps this is something I should try again. It will be nice to look back on the development of my film photographs in years to come.


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