24 hours at The Dorchester – Part Two

Tonight I’m taking you back to The Dorchester for part two of my feature with the gorgeous Amy!

If you missed the first post from our incredible 24 hours staying at one of the most luxurious hotel in London, you can see it here. I ended the post at our insane breakfast banquet. So let us rewind a little a go back to the previous evening. The champagne was flowing and Amy and I were in our element catching up about each of our recent adventures and travels. Amy’s been quite the globetrotter this year. She’s visited the Maldives, San Francisco and Barbados to name a few. If you haven’t seen her posts from her recent trips I encourage you to go read and get mega jealous and full of wanderlust looking at all the gorgeous photos.

We headed down for drinks at ‘The Bar’ and we instantly felt transported back to the Hollywood Glamour era. It was so hard to choose a cocktail, they all sounded so tempting and delicious. The bartenders were on hand to advise which cocktails would suit our taste palates best. Mine came in a teapot and had enough for about 3 cups, a fruity based cocktail with a splash of gin and champagne. Amy opted for a cocktail unique to the Dorchester, a pink and gold concoction with a clear lipgloss served in a separate glass filled with ice. We were told to apply the lipgloss before sipping the cocktail, as the edible gold leaf within the cocktail would stick to our lips leaving a glamorous gold shimmer! I think that one topped the lot if I’m honest, but we did try two other gin based cocktails with the bespoke Gin ‘Old Tom’ made by The Dorchester, which was absolutely delicious!

We tucked into scrumptious nibbles, including what Amy described as the best salmon she’d ever had. We sipped the last of our drink as we walked across the Promenade to ‘The Grill’, one of The Dorchester’s signature restaurants. We were treated like royalty! They catered for Amy’s gluten intolerance amazingly. I opted for a ham hock starter and then steak for my main, both were mouthwateringly tasty. Even as I look back over the photos now they’re making me hungry. 

We were then shown through to the kitchen to meet the chef and watch him put the final touches to our dessert. This was such a wonderful experience and opportunity to see behind closed doors of such a prestigious hotel. I always wonder what goes on behind the scenes in these incredible hotels.

We ended the meal with a glass of champagne, raising a toast to our fabulous evening! Then we headed up to our luxurious suite for a dreamy nights sleep in our four poster bed! Awoken by the sound of the doorbell, our breakfast banquet had arrived, you can see the photos in my first Dorchester post here

After finishing breakfast we were both rather full, we shot on location in the surrounding area for the morning before returning to the The Dorchester for yet more incredible food! The Promenade is a regal and elegant setting for afternoon tea, shown to our seats and asked to choose one of the varieties of afternoon tea they had to offer.
We opted for the Laurent-Perrier afternoon tea. You can never have too many bubbles can you? We had the Rosé and then we were given in depth details of the teas we could choose from. Some varieties from the Scottish Highlands, and some that are grown on the roof of The Dorchester.

The afternoon tea consisted of a selection of sandwiches on a variety of bread, all delicious, followed by sweet amuse-bouche, cleansing our palette for the sweet courses. Of course no afternoon tea would be complete without scones, with fresh cream and jam followed by a plate full of cakes and deserts. We ate too many sweet treats than I’d care to admit. I could have quite literally rolled out of there!

Our 24 hours in The Dorchester was coming to an end, but we didn’t leave before stopping by Parcafe for a farewell coffee and you may have guessed, yet more cake. It’s safe to say we saved those for later. As we headed back towards the tube Amy and I were already reminiscing about our luxurious past 24 hours. We could get used to that luxurious lifestyle, alas a girl can but dream!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to The Dorchester for the most incredible and surreal 24 hours. As well as an enormous thank you to my munchkin Amy for inviting me along on such a brilliant experience and girly evening together!

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