2019 Goal setting for Q1

2019! It still feels weird writing it down or even saying it out loud, I’ll be sure to remember to say it by the end of the month but I’ll most likely be accidentally writing down 2018 till half way through the year.

No matter what other’s opinions are for the start of a new year, I do usually feel like it’s time for a freshen up, get reorganised and focused on the months ahead. This year I have set overall goals but am going to work on certain goals for each quarter of the year. That way I’ll be able to track my progress throughout the year and if something is or isn’t working for me and I can reassess how important that goal is to me and whether I proceed to fulfill it or whether it’s no longer needed. With that in mind here are my goals for quarter one of 2019.

First off I’d like to grow my subscribers list for my project ‘Remember, Rewind & Reset’, a monthly newsletter where I show you my favourite things from the past month whether that be articles and people that may have inspired me, along with books I’ve been reading and what I may have been buying. I didn’t manage to get one out in December as the festive chaos set in (this year I will do it mid-month and it won’t get missed out.) If you aren’t already subscribed, you can sign up here and the first newsletter of 2019 will be landing in inboxes on 26th Jan.

I’d really like to get back into the habit of reading and so far this month I’ve managed to read one book already, which for me is an achievement. Usually I’d be lucky to read one in a whole month if not longer. So my goal is to read 2/3 books by March, but if I keep up at this speed I’ll be increasing that number for sure. I would love to know any suggestions you might have for some more books to read. I have just finished reading ‘Nomal People’ by Sally Rooney which I loved and I’ve jumped straight into ‘Call me by your name’ by André Aciman. I like reading a variety of both fiction and non-fiction books. I definitely think reading fiction to get me back into reading has helped so far and I would like to continue to read a mix of genres throughout the year.

Next up is to get up to date with accounts, whilst the tax return date is looming I’m thanking my past self for having it all sorted before 2018 ended. So with that feeling in mind I want to keep my accounts updated regularly, so when the new tax year crosses over in April I can send all my info straight to my accountant and get it all sorted immediately. I know it will give me some peace of mind that it’s complete and then will help me to set a savings goal so I have enough for tax and to save for personal things too.

After watching Netflix’s ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ I have been on a mission to start sorting and organising my home. At the moment I have managed to do my bedroom chest of drawers which were a complete mess but now are neatly laid out which makes me very happy. So the goal is to now complete the bedroom followed by the rest of the flat. I think that is a manageable goal for both Ollie and I to work on by the end of March. Not that Ollie has been privy to this plan, sorry not sorry (you know we need a proper sort out).

My final goal for this first quarter is to have a little update and rebrand on my portfolio website and here on the blog and I want to merge them both together so that I can manage them on one platform. This is something I’m looking into at the moment, if you know of any tech wizz’s or if you yourself have any experience of doing something similar then I would love to hear from you. It’s something I have been meaning to do for a while now, but the start of a new year has kicked me into action to get the ball rolling on this one properly and make sure I don’t auto-renew both website leases for another 12 months.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, the photos are of course shot in Paris from mine and Ollie’s trip last September. I have been meaning to share these for ages so I really hope you like them too. Are there any goals you’ve currently set yourself for the start of the year, I would love to hear yours. Wishing you a fabulous weekend, Ollie and I have got my nephew James coming over for a sleepover tonight and we are going to make spaghetti and no doubt they’ll be a Disney film on at some point and hot chocolates to keep us toasty on this chilly January evening. I shall speak to you next week!


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