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It will come as no surprise that the photography industry is a highly male dominated community. However, when I saw The Photography Show and The Video Show were running a campaign called ‘Women Who Photo’ I knew that this was a subject I wanted to talk more about. Starting out in photography I never saw being a woman as a hindrance for my career – photography was and still is my absolute passion, I can’t imagine doing anything else. So it never crossed my mind that I wouldn’t pursue photography as a career because I’m female, nothing was going to get between me and achieving my goal of becoming a photographer full time. I know this wouldn’t be the case for everyone and this isn’t to say that it has all been plain sailing as a women in the photography industry.

It certainly has had its trials and tribulations, from not being taken seriously, people questioning whether you’re working for someone else or even if you’re somebody’s assistant. When I was interning and assisting in studios I was always keen to show that I could do anything anyone else could do, which sometimes meant grabbing a step ladder, as being a 5 foot tall lady it doesn’t always help when you’re setting up equipment for a shoot that’s twice the size I am. But that wasn’t to say I couldn’t do it, I always strived to do everything I wanted to and didn’t let my gender affect that.

So it is rather refreshing to see that The Photography Show and The Video Show who I’ve partnered with for this year’s event (you can read all about it in my previous post here) are embracing and emphasising the women working in the male-dominated photography and videography industry, because if there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that I am inspired by so many incredible female creatives and they should be shouted about. And today’s post is all about them! Below I’m going to share with you some of the amazing women in photography that I always look to when I’m in need of inspiration. Some of them I am lucky enough to know personally and I always love to share their work with others – my saved section on Instagram is full of inspirational images and so many are from women, which I just LOVE! The photography industry is full of circles of people that all know each other, I am yet to find an industry in fact where this isn’t the case. As a fellow female photographer I feel we should be encouraging one another and building each other up, not competing and tearing one another down. There’s room for everyone as there are just so many creative opportunities out there. I have featured a few of the women in the ‘Women Who Photo’ Campaign which will be exhibited at The Photography and The Video Show I can’t wait to see there work in the flesh the other photographers featured are creative women that inspire me.

I am so looking forward to attending The Photography Show and The Video Show running at the NEC, in Birmingham from March 16th through to 19th. I hope to see you there and don’t forget that I have a 20% off discount code for booking single day tickets in my previous post linked here. Say hello if you see me at the show as it’s always such a heartwarming experience to meet the lovely individuals that read this site of mine. Finally I can’t wait to see the exhibition from the women involved with the Women Who Photo Campaign at the event, and hopefully meet some more inspiring female photographers there too. You can read more about the event campaign here.

This post is in collaboration with The Photography Show and The Video Show but as always the thoughts and opinions shared are totally my own. 

Kirsty McLachlan

Olivia Bossert

Holly-Marie Cato

Rebecca Spencer

Rosie Butcher

Bekky Lonsdale

Iulia David

Alexandra Cameron

Nima Elm

Jennifer McCord

Carin Olsson

Kat’s Films

Kat Irlin

Julia Trotti

Bonnie Cee

Sarah Ellen

Michaela Tornaritis

Lara Jade


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