Wimpole Estate – National Trust

A few weeks ago Lambing Season began, Emily and I headed for a day out in the country; Wimpole Estate to be exact. We both wanted to catch a glimpse of the new lambs on the farm. There’s something that feels so British about visiting a farm and seeing new baby piglets and lambs at this time of year. After we’d walked around the farm we took a stroll around the surrounding gardens before heading to the grand house. Wimpole Estate is run by the ‘National Trust’ who look after heritage sites and buildings across the UK. The ‘National Trust’ have always been a company I have admired for their work and values, it’s lovely to see how passionate the staff are for what they do and are contributing towards. Emily and I both signed up as members whilst on this day trip and we left feeling very content and cultured from a lovely afternoon. 

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