Storyteller & Miskins

When hearing Tim Walker was going to be releasing a new exhibition after 4 years, I could hardly control my excitement. To the point where I’d seen the exhibit secretly before the planned afternoon out, I just couldn’t resist. Walker creates a untouchable fantasy world within his shoots. The exhibition really brought the shoots to life. I came face to face with the larger than life creatures and props. This gave me me a sense of the scale his sets would be on. An also the care and expertise that goes on behind the scenes to create and construct the props, in order to bring together these magical shoots. It was truly incredible to see them in the flesh and very inspiring, anyone know where I can find a giant bee?  Somerset House also has to be the perfect space to host this eccentric and spellbinding artwork. I strongly recommend a visit for anyone that know’s of Walker’s work or has interest in photography, it will blow your mind.

Tim Walker’s ‘Story Teller’ exhibition is on in the East Wing at Somerset House until the 27th of January.

After being mesmerised at the exhibition we headed to Mishkins. Set in the heart of the theatre district this little diner, is a real gold mine. The location is gorgeous and the food is extremely tasty. I tried my first corn dog, an now have craving for them just thinking about them. Not to mention the onion rings, which were delicious. 


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