Snippets Of April

month over in a flash and my, What a month it’s been! April started off with a new collaboration with one of my favourite bloggers Sarah from ‘Framboise Fashion’, which was too much fun. See the first post here. Earlier in the month I finally got around to visiting ‘The Making Of Harry Potter’ studio tour too, (which I shall be sharing a whole bundle of photos with you all very soon), suffice to say it’s amazing. Then there was a delicious feast with Emily & Olivia at ‘Mishkins’, Saturdays listening to records, window shopping in W1 and a stop at my favourite coffee place.

On Good
Friday I headed to 180 Piccadilly; Cath Kidston’s flagship for a journal
workshop, hosted by the lovely girls from ‘New Craft Society‘. I also got to
share a lemonade and have a catch up with the beautiful Jazmine. Last weekend
Emily and I went to ‘Pick Me Up‘ Festival, we really enjoyed it and found it
very inspiring. I shall definitely be making a trip again next year. 

best surprise of the month came on Tuesday when this little duckling got left
behind. We took him in as he had a bad foot and wouldn’t have survived alone.
After being distracted by how adorable he is all of Tuesday I decided on
Wednesday it was time to give him a name. He shall be known as Bubba. I’m
really looking forward to what the next month has in store.


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