Notting Hill with Meredith

Last week I met up with my good friend Meredith for lunch in Notting Hill. You may have seen a previous post of mine when I first met up with Meredith back in October (see the full post here). I can hardly believe it’s her last 30 days here in London already! Meredith’s been in London for her gap year and is heading back to Toronto before starting university in NYC in the fall, how exciting is that?! I can’t wait to plan a visit to see her!

It’s been so great to meet up with Meredith on a regular basis and to share such an ambition and interest in photography together. I know I feel comfortable in front of the camera with Meredith which if you know me is a mean feet. I like to be behind the camera, not in front of it. But I recently got these new Ray-Ban Clubmasters from Sunglasses Shop and couldn’t resist asking Meredith to get a few shots whilst London was looking beautiful! Needless to say this pair are coming to NYC with me! I love them! The blue lenses really make them stand out, and it will be great to see how I can capture reflections in them.

After we stopped in Notting Hill for lunch, Meredith and I made our way to Barbican to see the new photography exhibition ‘Strange and Familiar: Britain as revealed by International Photographers’ curated by Martin Parr. We both thought it was brilliant and found it so interesting to see how international photographers had captured the essence of Britain. There was so much on display that you could easily visit twice, we took about 2 hours to walk around the entire exhibit. If you’re around the area I’d seriously recommend you make a visit, there’s such a diverse range of photographers and styles within the exhibit, varying from documentary, portraiture and architectural photography. A very inspiring insight of Britain across the past 80 years.



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