My time at Rankin

Interning at ‘Rankin‘ for three months, was one hell of a journey! Meeting the most incredible and talented people. I met the most incredible and talented people, and got to work on such a variety of shoots and videos it was pretty insane! I worked on Hunger Issue 4, ranging from 3 cover shoots, to fashion editorials and music videos. I also worked on Rankin’s ‘Alive; In the face of death’ project a collaboration with BBC Scotland and aired on BBC Two ‘Culture Show Special’ on Sat 10th of July. From set building and painting, to setting up and organising the studio for shoots, prop buying and not forgetting working alongside the super-chef Noel. I certainly had a full round experience at the studio. An boy did I have a mighty send off, so a big thank you to the team at Rankin and the man himself for such an incredible and priceless experience!

{Portrait of me, taken on my last day}

An last but not least, the extremely lovely and talented Trish took my portrait whilst testing for a Hunger shoot and its been uploaded to ‘crew‘ section of  Rankin’s site.

You should all take a look at the assistants, digital technicians and set designers work, there all ridiculously talented and I’m so pleased I got the chance to work with them.

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