Lisbon with Google – Saturday

Our second day in Lisbon began with breakfast at our hotel, after which Isabella and I took a stroll around the local area. One of the things I love the most about Lisbon is the unique tiles which decorate the majority of the buildings in the city. There are so many beautiful designs, that I found myself stopping every 10 steps to shoot photos of more tiles, but can you blame me?!

We walked down to Praça do Comércio, a square lined with shops and restaurants that looks onto the sea. We walked along the sea front before meeting the group at Can the Can for a drop in lunch. The food was delicious, I think my favourite things from the menu had to be the starter and the pasta salad. After lunch we had tickets to ascend ‘Arco da Rua Augusta’ which gave us another gorgeous view of the city, we could even pick out the rooftop bar we’d been to on the previous night.

Isabella and I spent the afternoon exploring Lisbon and taking photographs along the way before meeting the group for drinks in the Bario Alto districts at a rooftop bar called ‘PARK’. It’s situated on top of a car park which may sound odd, but it’s a little tropical paradise in the middle of the city with a gorgeous view of the suspension bridge. he As the sun began to set, we were treated to a flock of swallows flying across the glowing sky. We then made our way to Cantinho Do Avillez for dinner, a small restaurant which the group had booked out for the evening. It felt like we were in someone’s kitchen but in the best way! Everyone was relaxed and after a few rounds of Aperol Spritz the entire group were singing songs and laughing the night away. Isabella and I sat with Julia and Maya from ‘The Line Up‘ at dinner and told stories to one another of our recent adventures. I hope I get the chance to see all of these lovely ladies again soon!

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