Jack Wills ‘I Will’ Competition

I recently won the Jack Wills ‘I Will’ competition. Firstly I won the weekly prize of £150 voucher at the end of the week the overall competition winner was announced. Much to my amazement I’d won. The prize was £1000 to spend on my ‘I will’ caption. I spurlged out on this gorgeous winter parka just in time for the big chill coming our way. I was then invited to Jack Wills HQ to assist on their spring look book. I have a behind the scenes post from the office coming very soon, so keep your eyes pealed. I’ll also be sure to update you with my ‘I will’ story once I decide how I’m going to spend the money. A massive thank you to Jack Wills also, to say I was thrilled is a little bit of an understatement!

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