In The Frow LFW Style Day Three

Victoria from ‘In The Frow‘ and I shot on Day Three of LFW before she attending the Anya Hindmarch show. To accompany these photos, Victoria has written an article entitled ‘Everyone is Human‘ in which she discusses an event online that recently happened and what she has learnt from it. This follows on from a previous article she’d written called ‘How I deal with hate online‘. I urge you to go and read both articles as Victoria makes some really great points which left me feeling inspired and got me thinking…

I started my blog 5 years ago, as an outlet to share my photographs and somewhere I could call my own on the world wide web. After meticulous research I found a range of bloggers that inspired me, and that I found relatable and able to look up to. Blogs like ‘What Olivia Did‘, ‘Cupcakes & Cashmere‘ and ‘A Beautiful Mess‘. I am now able to call Olivia a good friend and am so pleased I got to meet her through my photography and starting a blog. I remember thinking how positive and uplifting the blog community was as a whole. You were encouraged to engage with each other and share your thoughts on their new posts.

It would never cross my mind to leave a negative comment if I didn’t like something that had been posted. Of course you’re entitled to your own opinion but there’s a saying most of you will have heard and one I grew up with, ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’. I have always stuck to this, growing up with various troubles throughout my school life I was never a fan of causing confrontation. So I don’t personally understand why you would choose to say something nasty online. I find this upsetting to see or hear about from friends and fellow photographers.

I do feel that it is important for people to make a conscious effort when voicing their opinion. The internet is an extremely vocal place, a place you can be heard. It would be become an even nicer place if people chose to have a positive outlook instead of being negative. If you read something negative it can lead to you feeling cynical. But when you read something inspiring and engaging you can feel uplifted and motivated. I know how I’d rather feel. Try to have a positive outlook to how you are perceived online and in real life.

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