Il de Re with La Redoute

A couple of months ago La Redoute invited me out to shoot in Ile de Re, and it wasn’t a destination that had been on my radar. It turns out it 100% should have been on my travel bucket list. It was one of the most dreamy locations I’ve ever shot in and it’s safe to say I shall definitely be returning.

I was joined on the island by the La Redoute team, Hannah from ‘Hannah Gale’ and Erica from ‘The Edited‘. I’d followed and admired both of these lovely ladies blogs from afar before this trip. It was so lovely to meet the ladies behind the blog and get to know them on this trip, and we all had such a blast shooting on such a beautiful little island. I loved seeing their choice of outfits for the look book we shot with La Redoute, I ended up coming home with a wish list longer than my arm!

Here are a few of my favourite things about Ile de Re…

The colour palette is a sea of muted neutrals. The residents of the island have to paint their doors and shutters in a set colour palette, meaning dreamy backdrops are around every corner. We did spot one house that didn’t appear to be playing by the rules, and you’re sure to spot it in my next post. It’s such an idyllic location, from the cobble stones to the painted shutters and to the ports and mariners, a photographers paradise if you ask me. 

La Martiniere is a family run business, they have a few locations across the island, famed for their incredible ice creams. We could sure vouch for that, they were AMAZING! So amazing in fact that I didn’t even get the chance to snap a photo on my camera, just a phone snap which you may have already seen on my instagram. We also visited their La Flotte branch and got to try out their incredibly beautiful frozen pastries; check out my insta of them here. They were delicious and so delicate, they were like tiny works of art! They also sell macaroons and a range of candles, which were a wonderful little memento to take back home. I’m not sure the ice cream would last more than a minute, let alone the plane journey. 

The atmosphere of the island is wonderful. Everyone just seemed so laid back and chilled out and we certainly took the lifestyle on board whilst we were there. I love the fact that they close their shops 2 hours a day for lunch, something I could never imagine happening here in the UK. No one seemed in a rush to be anywhere. It was bliss! It makes you take a moment and think about what’s going on at that moment and what’s important.

That’s not the last you’ll be seeing of this beautiful little island and La Redoute’s fabulous Autumn Winter Collection. I have another post lined up that will be coming to you very soon.

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