Exmouth Market Grind

Exmouth Market is an area of London I have passed countless times without knowing. I finally took an afternoon last week with Meredith to have an explore. A street full of incredible restaurants and boutique shops. I’ll definitely be visiting again, there’s so many nice restaurants to try!

It’s also home to Exmouth Market Grind one of the newest additions to Grind’s ever expanding locations across the city. Decked out with a signature neon sign along with dark blues and pastel pink interiors. I really love the vibe of their coffee shops and restaurants, they have a very laid back feel and always deliver brilliant coffee and yummy food. Meredith and I both opted for cocktails, after all it was a Friday afternoon. M had a Clover Club and I had a White Russian they were both delicious. We shared the chorizo and smoked cheese croquettes along with a cheeseburger. All of it was truly scrumptious.

It’s been so nice to have Meredith back in London, the bank holiday sped by in a flash. They always seem to go by far quicker than normal weekends. The weather this past week has been incredible, its been an absolute heatwave in London. When the sun shines in London it’s as if everyone in the city has a smile on their face, you can’t beat it. 

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