Carsten Höller – Decision

This post is a slight flashback to the beginning of the summer.  I can’t believe I have not had a chance to share these photos with you all sooner. Feels as if this was just yesterday and now it’s officially autumn, where did Summer run off to… come back please! Ollie, Emily, Nathan and I all headed to the Hayward Gallery to catch the Carsten Höller ‘Decision’ exhibit. A unique visual exhibition in which the viewer could take part. Ending with the decision of which slide to take to end your experience. The highlight of this exhibit had to be the upside down goggles! Slightly perplexed by your surroundings, everything inverted to what you’re used to, which become absolutely hilarious when all we could do was bump into one another. I still get tickled thinking about it! We headed for a lunch and walk along the Southbank after and it felt as if we could have been in another country, the warmth of the sun beaming down on our rosy cheeks. Farewell Summer we’ll miss you!

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