A memorable day…

Once in a while, you’ll have a day which is unlike any other. One that stands out for reasons personal to you and that you want to tell others about. Capturing photos on days like this is something I find extremely special. The photos bring back aspects of the day I may have forgotten otherwise. The small finer details that create those long lasting memories of a day.

This particular day was spent in the countryside with Oliver. We took his dog Monty for a long walk in the woods; the trees were beginning to bud and flowers had burst into bloom. We went for lunch at a local farm shop, petted baby lambs and enjoyed each others company in the lovely sunshine. We didn’t have a care in the world as cliche as that sounds. We were both solely focused on what was happening at the time, enjoying being in the moment entirely. A day we’re sure reminisce about and the photos will only enhance the memory.


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