35mm Diaries #9

This roll of film truly sums up what an amazing summer we’ve had this year. The amazing heat and sunshine lasted weeks, which is usually totally unheard of for British summer time. Endless ice creams and smiles ensued as the sunshine wasn’t going anywhere. I am trying to carry my film camera with me whenever possible so I can capture candid moments and things that catch my eye and attention. After attending and volunteering at Street London (a street photography festival) over the weekend I am feeling very inspired and I want to put the advice I heard from talks and panel discussions into action. I always tend to shoot what I love (when I am shooting for myself) and that usually involves people and love capturing candid moments which I think are so much more precious on film, having that one moment frozen in time. You seriously can’t beat the feeling of receiving a roll of film back and looking through the photos, it’s such a magical feeling.

I started this roll back in June so had sort of forgotten what I had shot at the start of the roll so when I spotted the little dog staring back at me it took me straight back to the day I shot it, walking through Spitalfields on the way to a meeting. The dog’s name is Cyril and yes he has an instagram you can check it out here. Hopefully the owner spots the photo. There’s a little snippet of our new flat at the end of this post. We’re loving the new area and I can’t wait to shoot some interior photos now that we’re more settled and my amazing sister Toni from ‘Inside Ours‘ has styled it. Let me know if there’s any particular interiors or home style posts you would like to see!


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