Sunrise Celebrations at Duck & Waffle

It’s not everyday you get to watch the sunrise over London and its not everyday you land a ‘first’ for your first year at uni. So I wanted to plan a special surprise celebration for the Mr! Congrats Ollie!

To say I took Ollie by surprise is an understatement. To start with he thought I was sleep talking when I said we had to go somewhere… now! I told him we were going on an adventure and left it mysterious, he asked no questions and said “Ok I’m coming with you”. The only clue I gave him on our journey was “We’re going to see the clouds”. Walking through a deserted central London still puzzled, we spotted the Heron Tower. I pointed up to it and told him, “We are going up there to watch the sunrise, are you hungry?”.

Duck & Waffle is the only restaurant of that altitude in the UK and its open 24/7. It’s been on my bucket list for a few years now to watch the sunrise from there, so when the perfect opportunity arose it seemed rude not too. Ollie opted for Duck & Waffle, classic choice, and I had Columbian Eggs. Not forgetting dessert (this is a breakfast in the clouds after all) we shared Banana brûlée waffles. Safe to say the experience was unforgettable and so was the food! Also being the only two sober guests at the restaurant had a certain charm to it. It was so beautiful to watch our city come to life and in perfect company too.


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