Sunday Tales & Reflecting

Another weekend has flown past in the blink of an eye! Have you all enjoyed your weekends? After hurting my back this morning I’ve had a rather lazy Sunday passed out on the sofa watching home videos with Ollie. I had a million and one things to sort today, but Ollie goaded me to let us watch them, and we got to see chubby toddler Ambies!

Today’s made me reflect on my childhood and how lucky I was to have such an incredible family filling my memories with such joyous times. I grew up in a much simpler time which I like to cherish. Ollie and I regaled tales of the nineties to one another today, and wished we still owned iconic pieces of our parents’ wardrobes. How I long to find similar pieces now, they transport me straight to memories from my childhood.

Today’s post is a street style look I recently shot with Victoria. She’s written a great post to accompany these photos talking about things she wishes she’d done when she was younger, which really resonated with me. I believe it’s important to reflect on your past to learn from your experiences, which ultimately makes you the person you are today and helps your become stronger. Go and check out Victoria’s full post on

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