So long Jaunary

January flew by! In all honesty I’m not sure where the past month disappeared to! My bessie Meredith was over for a fortnight visiting from Canada before heading back to NYC to start her new term at Parsons. I’m so proud of how your first term went Mer and can’t wait to see you very soon again indeed.

I stopped by the Tate Modern one afternoon after having a meeting in the area, the architectural design of the new building is very innovative. Plus there’s a viewing platform on the top floor giving you a new panoramic view of London, definitely worth checking that out if you’re going to be visiting the gallery. I didn’t get a chance on this visit but shall be sure to make a trip next time I’m there.

Chicama, 383 King’s Road, London, SW10 0LP

Chelsea isn’t an area I know too well, but I’m slowly getting the chance to explore more of the beautifully charming area. Claire had mentioned that Peruvian restaurant Chicama currently have a lunch offer on so it would have been rude not to go and indulge right? A seafood restaurant inspired by the coastal food of Peru, with fresh fish delivered daily from Cornwall and seasonal vegetables used to create unique and inventive dishes.

At the end of the month I finally got to have a proper catch up with Charlotte co-founder of Betty Magazine. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Granger and Co, and can both vouch that the ricotta hotcakes are by far the yummiest dish on the menu, we wished we’d ordered more. We went on a hunt for the pantone door. Not only did we find it and snap away to our hearts’ content but it was a short walk from Clerkenwell grind a firm fav of mine at the moment. 3pm tea pick me up, don’t mind if we do! I’m looking forward to exploring more of London and finding hidden gems. I’d love to know if you liked this style post and what you’d like to see more of in future. I hope you all had a great January too.


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