Pre-Birthday Celebrations

Sunday the 9th of December, my family and best friend had all come round for a relaxed Sunday afternoon. Little did I know what they had in store for me. My Dad gave my a birthday card to open early (my birthday being the following Wednesday/12th). Encouraged by everyone goading  ‘open it now!’. Inside was a folded piece of paper and a birthday message from my Mum & Dad.

 I unfolded the paper to reveal the shot below. I was going to be flying to New York for my birthday, gobsmacked is the first word that comes to mind. An the second is tears, to say I shed a tear is an understatement I was balled over. My family had pulled off a surprise of a lifetime. Alas this was the first of many surprises to come, (all to be explained in a later post). Champagne and corn dogs were top of the menu, because we all were in need of celebration! 


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