Paris Photo Diary Pt.1

Looking back to September and my last trip to Paris with Ollie. This was only the second time Ollie had visited Paris, so we did a few typically touristy things, but also had a good explore of the city. Our first day had us exploring in torrential rain, but it did brighten up the rest of the trip for us and we enjoyed much better weather. I hope you like this photo diary of our first day in Paris.

Once we’d checked into our little apartment we popped out to a patisserie for some sweet treats, when in Paris eh? We then headed on to Galeries Lafayette. On previous trips I’d never got round to stopping by for a browse. It is the motherland of department stores if you ask me and is in such a beautiful building which is a work of art all by itself. The rooftop is a must see, even if it is misty and pouring with rain, Ollie and I can both vouch for that. But just imagine that space in the summer on a warm evening. I think there may even be a bar up there for the summer too. What better to raise spirits as we walked along in rain than macaroons from none other than Pierre Hume! I’d heard a lot about these macaroons before getting some for ourselves. I first remember the recommendation in Gisele Scanlon’s ‘The Goddess Guide’, I absolutely adored that book! Those macaroons were to die for, perfectly light and the flavours were divine. We looked over Palais Royal whilst we indulged in our surroundings and grabbed a coffee at Cafe Kitsune.

We stopped by Notre Dame, my favourite cathedral in the city. This might have something to do with the film ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ but I remember the first time I saw the mesmerising stained glass windows in the flesh and being totally amazed. My sister Saphia remembers it well I was around 4 years old. I was stood looking up at the large circular stained glass window speechless and Saphia asked, ‘What is it Amber?’ to which I replied ‘It’s just so beautiful’. Every time I visit Paris I can’t help but want to visit and just spend a some time admiring the incredible architecture of such a famous and truly beautiful cathedral. The following day we headed to a rather magical place for the day, check back in the next few days to see the next instalment from my Paris photo diaries.

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