Little J’s 1st Birthday

 aka; Little J, Jamie & J!

I can not believe its been a year since you arrived into the world and filled us with such joy. A joy that has continued to grow and grow over the past 12 months. You have changed and grown so much and learnt things faster than I could ever imagined, a little Einstein on our hands perhaps. 

James’ progress this year has made me beyond excited to see what’s in store for the months and years ahead. He’s crawling and saying his first words now; Mumma (Toni) lucked out on being first, ‘Daddy’ came second and my Mum is over the moon that his third word is ‘Nana’. He’s going to have the most adorable little voice. I feel as if we are all extremely biased when it comes to Little J, I think it is totally natural if its your own family. But something extra special about J is, he makes people smile where ever he goes and people always say he’s gorgeous! 

Lucky little boy, he spent his 1st Birthday party surrounded by so many loved ones. And his best mate Alex planning a little adventure of their own taking off in a hot air balloon. In years to come when J asks what his 1st Birthday was like we can all assure him it was a party not to forget… cookie monster cupcake anyone?

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