Isle of Dogs Exhibit – Insight into a Wes Anderson film

An insight or sneak peek onto the set of a Wes Anderson film I’m sure is on a few people’s bucket lists, most certainly mine. I was introduced to the meticulous and incredible visionary director through my eldest sister Saphia and fell in love with his films. My favourites are ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ and ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ but I also have a soft spot for ‘The Darjeeling Limited’. So when I spotted an article in Time Out last week that Anderson was putting on an exhibition for his new film (Isle of Dogs) released today actually, I knew I’d have been a fool to miss it. It’s at 180 The Strand until the 5th of April so if there’s one reason to leave the house this bank holiday weekend, let it be this exhibition.

Upon entering the exhibition you are immediately transported into a life size version of a set from the film, Ramen bar and street. The exhibition also has a functional noodle bar and sake bar during the evenings. The rest of the exhibition is home to 17 sets from the film. I visited the exhibition with Kirsty and we were blown away by the sheer attention to detail (from the marks on a presenters shoes to the labels on a laboratory technician’s jacket. Being able to see the puppets and sets close up was really amazing. Now when we see the film it will be so interesting to have seen scenes beforehand see how they fit into the film. Looking at the larger scale sets you can just imagine them coming to life before your eyes. Amazing to think how many man hours and people worked on the film which took 445 days to be filmed.

I have always been interested in film and movies and love being able to have an insight into the behind the scenes creations of a film. A dream of mine has always been to photograph on a movie set.  Anderson’s films are always so meticulously put together it was so amazing to see Anderson’s vision for ‘Isle of Dogs’ come life on the sets we were viewing. What a talented group of creatives/visionaries have worked on the film not to mention an absolute stellar cast. I’m now very excited to see the film on the big screen, who’s bringing the popcorn?


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