In The Frow – Tips for Success

Kicking off 2016’s first shoot with the wonderful Victoria. It looks like Victoria and I will be working together more than ever this year which I am very pleased about. To coincide with these photos Victoria has written an article titled ’10 Steps for Success’ on I seriously urge you to go and read it! It may seem like quite a bold title but I totally agree with Victoria and the point she is making, with each little thing you do and build upon in your career it allows you to gain confidence, experience and become more successful.

I find it really inspiring to be friends with Victoria, and to be working with and other similar people, and it’s so amazing to have a support network of friends who encourage me to do more. Always looking to work with new people and brands that I could have only dreamt about doing this in the past, I’m now beginning to put my work and network connections into action. Surrounding yourself with friends who are working their hardest so that they can to achieve their goals is really inspiring to see. It really encourages me to pursue more work to become the best I can be.

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