Hey it’s OK…

This post is an ode to the Glamour magazine column ‘Hey it’s Ok…’ that I always used to love reading in the monthly magazine. Year upon year I’d get a subscription for my Mum for her birthday. (Then I’d always get to enjoy the issue too!)

Whilst I’m spending a fair amount of time currently procrastinating, also worrying also doing my best to stay positive at the moment.. I thought I’d put together a list of Hey it’s OK… to remind you we are all just doing the best we can right now.

Hey it’s OK…

… to have a G&T or two or five of an evening. Who’s counting anymore?!

… if you are currently living in pj’s/loungewear and leggings. Even if they are gym leggings and you’re not working out!

… to be sorting out your stuff, feel like you’ve accomplished a lot and then have a small pile in the corner that will continue to sit there for two weeks maybe longer. Hey you will get round to it eventually..

… to not make banana bread or bread of any sort, end of!

… to be endlessly browsing ASOS and Zara and other stores right now and adding umpteen items to your basket that you have no intention of buying right now, it’s research.

… to already be planning your first meal out with friends, good god I’m going to eat all the food and drink copious amounts.

… to have subscribed to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and still can’t decide what to watch!

… if there’s a day where you achieve nothing on your to do list.

… if you’ve created a million new pinterest boards on places you want to travel too and wish you were right now. Once we return to some sort of normal the world really is your oyster!


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