Happy 2nd Birthday Little J

Happy 2nd Birthday James, Jamie, Little J. I can hardly believe how quickly your second year has flown by! You’ve grown and learnt so much over this past year and it’s been such a treat to see. 

One of my favourite things you’ve down this year is learn my name, well Ambies which is what your Mum (Toni; my middle sister) always used to call me. Every time you say it, the biggest smile spreads across my face. We’d thought on your first birthday (see last years birthday post here) that you might become a little Einstein and it would appear our predictions are coming true. You are already very good at counting to ten and naming colours when we point them out. I’m honestly amazed by this, it continues to shock me but I guess you’ve been surrounded by some pretty great teachers these past two years. 

I love seeing how your sense of humour and your personality is developing, making you more you! You love to play tricks and sneak up on people, especially during this past summer where you enjoyed drenching everyone that passed you while you guarded the hose. Your cheeky laugh was really a sign of mischievous traits to come. I’m beyond excited to welcome the arrival of your baby brother, which will quite literally be any day now. I just can’t wait to see how you’re going to take in this big news, although you appear to be taking it very well at the moment. You’ll definitely be getting up to lots of mischief next year with your little brother and I have a sneaky feeling you two will be the best of friends.

Your love of dance has become very apparent to us this year, or even the last few months. When the music starts or you’re happy there’s no stopping you. Dance Dance Dance!! A few certain Disney films may have spurred on your love of dance, ok I may have been a tad influential on this but when ‘Hakuna Matata’ made you smile and laugh we couldn’t help but abide to your ever so cute ‘one more’ at the end. Needless to say your parents have probably watched The Lion King and Tarzan more times than they’d care to admit, I know I have. I just love watching you see these films and listen to the songs and the emotion and reactions you create from watching them. They’ve made us all very happy indeed. Along with one of your catch phrases this year ‘Happy, Happy, Happy!’.

It’s an absolute honour to be your Auntie, and I’ve loved being able to capture candid moments of you growing up like the ones below. To look back on these in years to come is going to be completely priceless. I know a time will come when you don’t want Ambies to push a camera in your face anymore. But for now at least whilst you’re embracing it I’m going to snap away, and will continue to do so when you’re not looking too. Here’s to another unforgettable year of growth, learning and memories. 

Lot’s of Love, Ambies xxx


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