Goals for Q2

How on Earth have we made it a quarter of the way through the year already? I am very glad to see that the new season is springing into action. Seeing blossom trees line streets throughout the city certainly puts a smile on my face. At the start of the year you may remember I did a post outlining my goals for quarter one (Q1) which I wanted to look back over briefly in this post along with the new goals I’m setting for the next three months.

One of my first goals was to have a re-brand on this site of mine and to merge it together with my portfolio site. This is in the process of happening and I am very excited with the progress, I’m hoping it will be live by the end of this month if not sooner.

Another of my goals was to try to read 2-3 books before the end of March. Well I absolutely smashed that goal and read just over 10 books in the last three months. So moving forward to Q2 my target is set at a minimum of 6 new books to read. I have fallen in love with reading again and have found it so enjoyable to read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books. You’ll be able to find out what I’ve read this past month in April’s upcoming newsletter (you can sign up here).

Next was to get my accounts in order, I’ve managed to keep track of invoices by keeping a record of them in a spreadsheet. There is still a bit of work to do to get right up to date like putting all my expenses in and some more refining, but I plan to have it all filed by the end of June which will then be a big weight taken off my mind.

I haven’t managed to organise and sort out as much of the house as I intended for Q1. So sorting and having a good spring clean of our flat is very much on the agenda for Q2. I really need to tackle the drawers that are under my bed, amazing for storage but they well and truly need a sort out!

I’d like to grow my newsletter subscribers, it’s been so lovely to have a new little community grow with each month of my newsletter ‘Remember, Rewind & Reset’ I’d love for it to continue to grow in Q2 and I will be trying to promote it some more too. If you haven’t signed up already you can do so here.

My final goal for Q2 is to work on a personal photography project. After attending the photography show back in March. I attended a talk by the incredibly talented Lindsay Adler where she recommended that you should always have a personal/passion photography project on the go, to help you with inspiration and get you to always be creative. Creativity is a muscle and the more we use in the stronger it gets. This made total sense to me and I usually put personal projects on the back burner when things get busy or admin takes over. So I’m now going to make a conscious effort to be working on one at all times.

How do you set your goals for the year? Do you set overall goals for the whole year or split them into quarters like me? I would love to know!


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