Girls Night Out with Etsy

When Etsy contacted me to start work on a collaborative project together, my mind starting buzzing with ideas. If you're not familiar with Etsy they have a huge range of home wares, gifts, fashion and vintage items from independent brands, makers and sellers. Until starting this project I wasn't quite aware of the variety and diversity of products that are on the site, there is quite literally something for EVERYONE! There are so many sellers based in the UK that stock incredible vintage finds. 

Bringing us to our shoot day with best gal pals; Megan, Carmen and Abbie. They each chose an outfit from the site with the party season in mind. I loved their choices, they all matched the girls' personal styles so well. The girls were all troopers on shoot day and in true British fashion it poured and poured and poured some more. But my my don't they all still look fabulous. 

Massive thank you to Etsy and specifically Natalie for putting together this dream team and shoot. It's been a super opportunity to work with some of my fav ladies and an incredible brand seeing all the amazing things on offer. My wish list is rapidly growing as I write this!
If you haven't already, seriously go and check out Etsy, ideal with Christmas around the corner to buy presents as there really is something for everyone on this site. Browse to your heart's content... I can't promise you won't be glued to your computer screen for hours on end though. Happy Shopping!

You can check out the individual sellers for of the items the girls are wearing on their blogs: Megan, Carmen, Abbie

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