Evening Look in Satorini with Reiss

I can hardly believe I’m sat here in Santorini writing this post! Isabella and I have been working on a range of collaborations with Reiss whilst we’ve been here. This evening’s look is so sleek and stylish, it would be ideal for a formal event or romantic evening.

Yesterday we moved hotels from Aqua Luxury Suites to La Maltese. We have found so many locations across this beautiful island, but actually shot these photos at our hotel. The backdrop is so stunning and the colours here are so vivid and vibrant, I did mention this is my previous post but I just can’t get over the depth of the colours here. It’s only when we download our photos from the day that I see how incredible the photos have turned out. During the day it has been so bright, I can barely keep my eyes open without sunglasses! So to shoot a range of images, come back to our room in the evening and browse our photos from the day has been a total luxury. I really can’t begin to explain how surreal this trip has been. What an incredible experience, with so many photos to share with you all!

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