Columbia Road – Tour de Lads

Looking back to a cold Sunday in February when Ollie, Meredith, Pete and I wandered down Columbia Road the week before Valentine’s day. You may already know this but I come round to posting about Columbia Road year after year, its definitely a firm favourite for the four of us and perfect destination for a nice walk on a Sunday, followed by a roast.
Having a group of friends like these three doesn’t come around all that often if at all. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by friends like these that support me and encourage me to do what I love and cheer me up when I’m feeling down. After our summer adventures together last year we named ourselves Tour de Lads. Whenever Meredith flies back over from NYC it’s as if we have a little reunion of last summer and listen to the same songs and reminisce about the long summer days. Unforgettable memories are what lifetime friendships are built on and I know that I’m in for a whole lot more adventures with these three by my side. After saying see you soon to Meredith who flies back to NYC tomorrow we’ve had yet another fantastic week together, I’m very excited for what the rest of this year has in store for us.

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