24 hours at The Dorchester – Pt One

Honestly some experiences stand out amongst the rest and I can say whole heartedly that spending 24 hours at The Dorchester was one of the most, dreamy, surreal (in the best way possible) experiences EVER!

I met Amy in the regal and stunning lobby at the hotel after she’d had her spa treatment, I wished I’d had the chance to see the floor to ceiling walls of Essie nail polish (check out Amy’s post for photos) I mean beauty dreams or what?! We headed straight up to our suite. Amy said I was going to freak when I saw it. But nothing could have prepare me for the suite that awaited. All my princess childhood dreams came true. In the living and dining room, a wonderful spread of fresh fruit, chocolates had been laid out on the coffee table along with a bunch of the latest glossy magazines. Through to the bedroom stood a luxurious four poster bed! It took all of my might to not just run and jump straight onto it (my photo focused engaged brain screaming, wait!! Photos first!). A gorgeous window seat to look out onto Hyde Park and two very comfy chairs. Followed by the all marble bathroom, thats house goals right there my friends!

After gawping at the suite for a genuine ten minutes we both started to get ready for our evening ahead. Amy popped the champagne that had been kindly left in our room on a bucket of ice! A serious catch up was in order for us both we had a proper chinwag watching the sun begin to set over Hyde Park and headed downstairs for the evening. I’ll come back to our evening at The Dorchester in another post and take you on through to breakfast.

Awaking to the sound of a traditional doorbell was a welcoming sound when I found out breakfast had arrived. You can have your breakfast served wherever you would like in the suite so we opted for a spot by the window seat in the bedroom with the light streaming in through the windows. Gazing at the hustle and bustle of Park Lane below as people began their daily routines and we both looked at each other in amazement! Not your usual way to start the day! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and all, but we may have gone a little overboard. Fresh fruit and natural greek yoghurt, pancakes and chocolate sauces. Amy had a delicious gluten free bento box and we found out you can even have gluten free pancakes if requested. After our seriously indulgent breakfast we headed out to shoot for the morning before returning back to The Dorchester for more fun! But that I will have to leave for another post.

An enormous thank you to The Dorchester for 24 hours of pure luxury!

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